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Due to many changes and new tours for 2014 season, the website's translation in English is not updated  yet.
We apologize for the inconvenience and are working hard to publish  a brand new website with all the content in English.

You can discover all our offers on the french pages or contact us for further informations


Another way to organize your motorbike travels.

Concept                                                      (English spoken)  drapeau anglais

MON TOUR MOTOS is a French agency specialized in the organization and guidance of motorbike travels.
We have carefully selected the circuits, accommodations and food (Comfort 2*, Premium 3*), all for your greatest enjoyment and pleasure.
• If you choose the “Guided” or “Fly and Ride” packages, our guide will lead you with a touristic pace during your trip. You’ll thus enjoy the beauty of the landscapes and the pleasure of riding through the most beautiful roads of France and Europe.
• The “Freedom” package allows you to enjoy the same organization, but without the accompanying.
An organization marked with freedom: Everything is offered, nothing is mandatory.

We guarantee you an unforgettable journey

Our solid experience in organizing travels and our official status as a travel agent (license number, financial guarantee, professional insurance, various registrations...) will ensure the quality of our stays.
We'll take care of all preparations which will save time for you, and we'll avoid you the numerous surprises of    foreign countries.
In a friendly group or individually, according to your daily choice, you'll just have to drive...